Watch out! You may get addicted to your room if you have a fireplace and a carpet!

white room and fireplace

To start designing a room around a focal point is always a good idea. It  gives helpful direction to lay out the furniture and accessories which are used in interior. One of the best focal element works perfectly fine in almost in every space is definetely a fireplace. By its modern, classic or traditional style it draws immediate attention to any corner or area where ever it is placed into. It also  gives an opportunity  to create a unique background for outstanding designed rooms.

If a fireplace and carpet/rug combination get together in the setting, than  I would say “watch out”! It might  be really hard to leave the room and you may get addicted to your space easily… These two elements work like a magnet and draws people around it. They are so powerful and functional in interior  design which not only warm up the space but also our  soul. If you are a type of person desire to live in soulful places I think you will find great deal of tips  in this post to recreate your winter rooms. So lets start to review these wonderful rooms;

eclectic and modern mix Via Marie Claire Maison

Who would resist to sit around this attractive corner created by modern & ethnic style combination and drink a cup of tea prior to start a day?

white Scandinavian Style room Via Habitually Chic

Even though this room has such a clean, organized, white, modern nordic setting the sweet little fire in the backdrop immediately provides a warm feeling…

Outdoor fireplace Via ThatBohemianGirl

If you are a person enjoying outdoor living style,  the best thing to do is to set a fireplace and carpet into your open space and create a cozy environment around it.

Nomadic room with fireplace

Via Bliss

This nomadic Scandinavian home looks very sophisticated by the ethnic kilims,  design elements and great texture created next to a great fireplace

Country style seating room with fireplace

Via Home Adore

The sweet little corner of a country house is not only warm but also has a sweet sense of humor which helps to lift up the mood.

Room decorated by logs Via Bloodandchampagne

While wooden elements around the fireplace and the centered rug made out of natural material combines this modern-eclectic white cabinet, the decorative style  shows the personality and lifestyle of the person who lives in this space

elegant room detail created by white candles and iron candleholders Via EssenceOfTheGoodLife

These old iron candle holders and the rusted accessories decorated by pine leaves look sensational with the fireplace on the background

ethnic elegant living room Via DesireToInspire

Rich textures of textiles used in the space and elegant artistic details of the room provides an irresistable luxurious style into space

kilim pillow next to fireplace Via Lovenordic Design

A large pillow covered by a kilim on the wood floor next to fireplace adds character and personality while creating a warm reading corner in the room

fluffy carpet and fireplace in modern style cabinet Via Design Elements

Another good sample of magical combination of a fireplace and fluffy carpet for wonderful sense of  coziness at home

elegant white room decorated by texturial carpet Via  LifeLoveandLuxury

A beautiful style mix minimized by black and white color palette. Even though,  great amount of white has been used in the room it still feels  warm by rich texture of the carpet, sheepskin pillow and the classic style fireplace.  By the way, I loved the art on the wall! I think it is another great focal point of the room…

Scandanivian style winter home and fireplace Via  400sqft

A perfect, simple Scandinavian luxurious style seating corner

painted logs Via TankeTallerken

The painting patterns on to the cut sides of the  wood logs. What a wonderful decorative idea? And it is so easy to apply!

I think I will try this weekend!

Nordic style home Via Claudia Echten

Chunky knits are perfect tactile to be used around a warm fireplace…

antique porcelain stove Via Lovenordic Design,

During day time, its an absolute  white and cool space! But, at night imagine the  warm monochromatic shades created by the wonderful antique porcelain stove!

living in cozy style in winter homes Via Toast

In this cold winter day, I hope you enjoy the inspirational room photos which I selected for you understating the glamour by the neat touch of sophistication along with its cozy homy feeling. If  you are lucky enough to have a fireplace at your home, why not to restyle your space around it this weekend!

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)


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