Owners of Muna HomeMuna Home was founded in 2010 by husband and wife Gianluca Francesco and Yasmin Cicu. Drawn together by their diverse cultural backgrounds and love of ethnically inspired arts and crafts, the couple share a passion for interior decoration and design. Muna Home, with its exclusive collection of rugs, furniture and accessories, is the result of their collaboration and vision.

With her family roots in Abkhazia, Yasmin was born and raised in southern Germany, before moving to Istanbul in 1997.  Born in Italy, Gianluca Francesco spent 8 years living in England, before settling in Barcelona in 2005, where he met Yasmin two years later.

The couple’s own cultural heritage combined with their experience of other cultures is an important source of inspiration for Muna Home’s creations and designs. The result is a unique, yet functional collection of interior lifestyle products that exude a distinctive sense of style, quality and elegance



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