Would you like to have machine or handmade year ahead?

creating a lifeAt the end of  each year, we all think about the good and bad things happened in our lives. The accomplishments or  mistakes which we made in past, and our hopeful expectations for the brand new year let us quickly review our thoughts and actions objectively.  No doubt, our will is only for better and happier things ahead. As a common man, the linear time perception in our minds has a beginning and an end which gives us an opportunity to reset everything over and over again within one lifetime. Having said that I happen to think about positive motivation of  creating the life as we desire and I thought the process in fact is pretty similar as making or choosing a carpet.

We can create a life depending on our priorities and values and that molds up our wishes. Some of us may prefer life as machine-made carpets by not living anything into surprises, trying to do things as safe as possible, doing it right and almost the same each and every time and don’t mind to be copied or  to copy of other lives. The good news is it is affordable, functional and have no mistake… But, some of us prefer carpets  which each and every other thread knotted delicately and carefully.   We appreciate  all the emotions, time and energy which was put  into it. The crafted carpet needs focus, patience, courage, intuition and costs much higher at the end and we are even ready to pay extra for its personal style. The texture, natural colors and depth creates the uniqueness out there. There is inevitable absolute sweet juice of imperfect perfection of this handmade touch. The outcome is there to be appreciated or criticized.

Considering all these similarities, I remind myself again life is about the  decisions we make. While we are going to close our chapter of year 2012 in couple of hours, please think one more time, how would you prefer your life  in 2013? In other words, do you prefer  machine-made or handmade year ahead? Whatever your choice is I hope you really do enjoy 2013 and your good wishes come true as you like.

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)

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