Style your office the way it makes you happy!

clean and creative office space

What could be more inspirational than living and working in a space according to your desired stylewithout defined borders.  Why to limit the options only to what has been perceived as an acceptable classic office type of space? I think many people and cooperations are falling into that mistake and they keep on creating close boxes for their own people and kill their creativity in the first place. What a big mistake? But, I won’t concentrate on that right now, I will rather show you some inspirational interiors which could be great for bright and soulful offices.  After, you review them I hope you ask yourself about what makes you happy and in what kind of space you want to work in? Here we go…

swedish designer marie olsson nylander home officevia sfgirlbybay

This working corner is belong to Swedish interior designer marie olsson nylander. The plexi chairs on white rustic woods creates an exciting contrast. The raw table, industrial lighting, accessories, photos and the artwork on the walls  perfectly finishes one the most amazing office corner…

happy officevia apartment34

Placing beautifully typed  inspirational quotations  and images around your office could be a great reminder during the day to lift up your mood

A happy office designvia thedesignerpad

grey bathroom ideasvia insideinside

Why not using dark colors instead of light ones and finishing the space by a beautiful teak tree counter top? Restrooms should really serve what mean.  They should make you feel rested in its most private zone.

The black and white antique sink photography on the counter tops look artistic and stylish!

round meeting tablevia sfgirlbybay

The round massive wooden table, mid-century Eames chairs around, and the huge white  lighting  on top all look great together.

Why not to implement this style into the meeting room?

blackboard for creative and inspirational decorsvia desiretoinspire

Are you a type of person full of ideas who would like to write, leave messages, place images all around your space to plan your day and get motivated? If so black board is a gifted finish on your walls. Make a little surprise and place it in to your restroom or kitchen area in the office. I guarantee everybody will love it..

plates designed by beautiful patterns

office time

via vagaboundvintage                                      via allthingsstylish

Aren’ t you bored with using ordinary plain plates and glasses yet? Make a stylish move,  add some patterns and quality to your table setting for  most tasteful, happy food and drink brakes. Always remember you are worthed to be treated in the best way…

soulful office space designvia nono-s

Sometimes our office spaces are much larger and spaceful than our homes. We could actually take an advantage of it and create an art gallery type of look. Including a carpet or a rug is a good way to make it warmer than too formal….

inspirational lobby stylevia San Giorgio

The above photo is belong to San Giorgio Hotel in Mykanos but I thought could be inspirational for office lobby. Very warm and modern. It would definitely impress the guests who visits your office. Aren’ t you agree?

natural dividervia bleunature

What about using a divider made out of natural branches. To carry natural textures into interior always put a smile to our face which we all need to have got the day going in the happiest way!

wood seating stoolvia foxontherun

What about placing a sympathetic wooden stool  instead of a hard case upholstered coach which most offices uses in same way?

If you think your guest will not feel comfortable on it than, I would answer you back ” don’ t let your guest wait to much on the lobby:)”

creative decor stylevia entermyattic

Yes this is the best idea which I loved! We all love carpets and can not think to leave without them right??? If you have a floor which there is no way you can place any carpet because of certain limitations, what can you stop painting its simple picture  to warm your eyes. Even image of a carpet is good enough to make you happy!

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)


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