What a wonderful mood we have to celebrate the season and to decorate homes by Nordic spirit!

Xmas decor ideas

Hey!!! Get ready Santa Claus is coming in town! Make sure your home is warm and  ready to welcome him!

In case you wonder what he likes, here are some tips. First of all, he wants us to be happy, wishful and thankful.  As we all live by now  it is the season’ s  spirit to be joyful and to welcome the new year ahead in a good and positive mood.  What could possibly a better way to express this excitement rather than decorating our favorite spaces by  happy elements which symbolize this warm feeling?

Our Scandinavian blogger friends have simple yet perfect ideas to inspire us by their genuine Nordic lifestyles.. So I thought it would be a great idea to motivate you by these great visuals which are full of inspirational tips…


If you are lucky enough to embrace month of December as our friends in Northern lands; to start with snow is your most wonderful natural decoration. So first lets say, “Let it snow, let it snow!!!..”

christmas decoration ideas

But, if you live in a place where you don’ t get a tiny bit of a snow, you can still easily  create the style assisted by a dry tree branch decorating them by hanging black stars, small christmas lights and throwing a faux fur onto your coach by Nordic touch. What do you think, it gives the look, right?

creative winter decorWherever you are, any detail inspired by a Nordic  country-style living brings the season spirit. Such as reindeer antler,  lantern, a small pine tree shaped branch hanged onto an old wooden door, knitted pillow, fluffy sheepskin on the floor and chic glass accessories on the handmade wooden stool, they all help you to create the magical warm feeling…

creative christmas decor ideas using sheepskinAs far as the materials go for the Christmas decor, the texture of weathered wood and pine cones always look sophisticated next to soft materials and  fur.  In the above photo, the simple wood christmas stars in a wood basket would keep your thoughts warm and tight for the season!

Nordic home style christmas wishes

As we enjoy designing our homes by  warm and fun materials, we expect to share the good mood not only by decoration but also with some social activities with our loved ones. We like to listen christmas songs, eat cookies, do all the things which makes us happy talking about the memories we had in last years and share our best wishes for the New Year ahead.

christmas decor by wooden reindeerFor now, while you read this inspirational post, the little happy wooden reindeer from North smiles you back and wishes you all the creativity you need to make the most spiritual HOME of the season!

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)

images via svenngarden, bersa, les fifoles, boligliv, nordicinterior


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