Guest Post, Warming Up Contemporary Spaces

Hello, everyone! It’s Mari from Arcadian Home blog, a wonderful place to find beautiful and interesting home decor inspirations. I’m so excited to be visiting here at Muna Home today. Speaking of inspiring ideas, shall we talk about ways to visually warm up contemporary spaces?

I’ve pulled together eight of my favorite room images I hope will inspire your decorating dreams. Please enjoy!

1 Warm Contempory

Color and light can work magic in any room. This open living space gets a massive splash of sunny yellow from a blown glass hanging sculpture.

Warm Contempory

Artwork is the focus in this contemporary, but cozy, living room. Colorful wall art and sculptured treasures add both warmth and personality to the design. Decorative pillows and throws can be easy instant warm-ups.

Warm Contempory

Even a cool color palette can become warm and inviting when combined with dark woods and creamy textiles. I love the stormy oversized wall art.

Warm Contempory

Warm browns and grassy greens create an inviting environment for cooking and entertaining in this contemporary kitchen/dining area.

Warm Contempory

A lovely palette of chocolaty browns and watery blues brings warmth to this chic bedroom getaway.

Warm Contempory

Here, textured walls envelope a contemporary powder room in warm color, while blue glass adds cool contrast. I love the vessel sink and tiny pendant lights.

Warm Contempory

Accessories with a golden metallic finish can instantly warm up a contemporary room. This sleek bath goes over the top to achieve warmth with an entire wall of shimmering gold tiles. With gorgeous results, don’t you think?

Warm Contempory

It’s easy to bring warmth, both visually and literally, to a contemporary outdoor living space with wood elements and a freestanding fire pit. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you think of these warm, contemporary spaces? Leave us comments below, and stop by Arcadian Home for more home accessories, lighting fixtures, and interior inspiration every day!

“Thank you Mari for sharing your article with us & have a nice weekend everybody!” Muna Home


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