Jade Jagger’ s exotic home in Goa

outdoor living style in India

If that is where I am while I am dreaming please don’ t wake me up!!!

Mick Jagger’ s daughter Jade Jagger‘s house in GOA / India is the place where I spent these words for… A Bohemian, eclectic-chic, stylish, relax and creative exotic home exposing wonderful local design details of magnificent India. It is a land where the inside and outside of the residence blend in harmony. It is a home for a rich inspirational living style..

JadeJagger' s home in India door detail

The creative owner Jade Jagger behind this interesting and exotic land of property in Goa explains the local sense of design with her below words;

“Everyone in India, whatever their financial situation, cherishes and owns items that are beautiful and unique. Whether it’s a fabulous shawl, a hanging on the wall or jewellery, you can see that everybody invests as much effort as they can to decorate themselves and their homes with great design. In India, if you’re looking for some metal furniture, for example, you’re more likely to go to the ironmonger and create your own chair than go to a shop. This is a country in touch with artisan production.”

Lets make a quick tour to her wonderland in Goa to have the exotic vibe where we will very much enjoy its exotic look…

jade_jagger ethnic exotic bedroom

As our lives grow more complex and stressful simplicity is becoming increasingly more important for all of us. I don’ t think there is anybody who won’ t die for this simple and loving bedroom. Very much wabi-sabi style… Red and grey striped bedcover creates impact in the room, the rest of the neutral elements calm the eye..

jade jagger' s home in Goa

Highly ornated furnitures in this exotic hideaway  behind the silk curtains exclaims that we are in India..

Warm yellow, red and pink colors, rich blues, geometric patterns on layered textiles, tropical natural wooden textures, grass rooftops, naked concrete floors, grass carpets, authentic metallic objects in this simply beautiful home and the green lush view on the background which all combine to give a feeling of tranquility

jade_jagger_home in GOA

This corner decorated with colorful pillows made by local fabrics backing to the great tropical view of Goa beach explains why this home is really unique.

Don’ t you think it is great idea to create outdoor living spaces like this in the hot climate where a fresh air is needed more than anything?

jade_jagger_goa_home in Goa Muna Home

What could be more luxuries than feeling soft sandy touch on the floor? This is a genuine outdoor living space under the shadows of palm trees facing to the Indian ocean decorated with comfortable sofas and colorful pillows…

Black white zizag carpet

And this room is a genuine chic and elegant indoor living space decorated nicely with black & white zigzag rug,  colonial style sofa in the center. It creates a nice contrast with the tropical ceiling on top. I would call this look smart, sensual and very much south Asian…

exotic style home in India


Jade Jagger Goa Home in India

jade jagger' s home in india

oriental accessories such as the lanterns, copper bowls, patterned plates & coffee cups are the complementary elements of this exotic tropical Indian style home

exotic plates

JadeJagger in Goa Home

The jewellery designer, interior stylist and creative director Jade Jagger says;

“In a world under threat from insipid, homogenous design, we should celebrate those who constantly seek the unique.”

I think she does not only seek for that but she also celebrates her life living in those details wherever she finds them. What a unique style of living…

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)

images via Idha Lindhag, indian summer


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