A creative family house designed by Brazilian folk art and modern style

a design oriented home style

Here is a great example of a charming and attractive Brazilian house belongs to Rosenbaum family in Sao Paulo. Local folkloric art, craft, colorful designs, rough, natural textures, ethnic kilims, objects  dominate the brave and wildly decorated home.   It is fun to see the couple’ s colorful vision reflecting to the decoration of spiritual and free minded home.

Marcelo Rosenbaum leading talent, designers, architects, producers and media professionals reflect the creative vision of his family’ s living style in this beautiful Brazilian home. He explains “Just like all my creations, our house was conceived as a way to improve the self-esteem of Brazilians to highlight their history, their art. Here, personal memories and cultural roots have a place privileged. It is a place where everyone’s story develops.”

natural style home

Natural materials like wood and stone decorates the tropical styled exterior of the home. The art pieces around the pool create interesting focal points…

ethnic style

The new coatings for floors and walls have been invented by the owners during renovation. Bright colors, clean surfaces next to rough and weathered finishes creates a strong contrast.

ethnic decoration

The furnitures and objects had been collected over the years by family as Rosenbaums advised. The local fabrics and kilims layer the surfaces and welcome a rustic boho look to this family home.

eclectic mix of styles

The surroundings, objects and furnitures of the house are informal, stylish, combination of contemporary and ethnic epitomize eclectic home…

creative style

The geometric patterns on the floors and the multi colored wooden covered walls help to create a stunningly contemporary space.

ceramic vases

The objects of the house refers the owners interests, expectations and habits

I find this wildly decorated South American house very inspiring and encouraging to decorate a beautiful and interesting home.

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)

images via the Style Files


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