Beautiful home decorations around the world / Indian Mud Huts

indian mud hots wall decor

I am always astonished about how people tend to decorate their houses based on their own aesthetic perspectives and traditions. The vernacular architectures around the world have best examples of these beautiful homes which are not built only by readily available materials and local techniques but also with love and passion which reflect the aesthetic soul of the people building and living inside of these homes.

Here are some beautiful Indian mud huts built by mud and decorated using henna style paintings on the wall. We may call the people who live in these dwellings belong to primitive cultures based on our own understanding of civilization. But, can you believe how sophisticated these wall decors are? Today, it is hard to find these beauties in the city walls. Even if we try to imitate I doubt if they would be so sincerely designed and naturally as on these  nomadic houses… Than here comes the question which civilization is really more advanced? But thats of course another discussion subject…

As a bottom line, these ecologic mud homes are truly amazing and proves home is where the heart is. They are personal, they are private and they are built for love to be a good and stylish shelter for a family no matter wherever they are…

indian mud hots wall decoration

White beautiful henna style handmade delicate wall decor of a mud hut in India

indian vernacular style living

These simple flower and geometrical shapes look more beautiful than any wallpaper

indian mud huts wall decor

A perfect combination of natural materials dry palm leaves, grass, mud, basket, mud, raw fabric they all look lovely together just the way they are…

indian home interiorsA simple doorway decorated by paintings turns this simple home into a spectacular Indian residence.


A group of mud huts in India styled by geometrical patterns around the windows and doors

painted mud home

Fancy inside decor of the Indian mud hut

mud hut decorated

Raised mud reliefs inlaid with mirror on the walls of modern home in traditional tribal Rabari.

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)

images via moon to moon


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