Tips for creating a happy baby nursery and kids room decoration for your loved ones…

bohemian style baby nursery

If you are expecting a baby just like me, how wonderful, you have the whole opportunity to have fun with decorating a nursery room for your loved one. All you really need is to use your imagination and think outside of the box especially without limitations of colors _I am sure you know what I mean 😉 _

You may think where you should start from and I will suggest you to think the concept of the room first. Like decide whether if you like the room to have a minimalist or a bohemian style, playful or romantic look or an eclectic heaven mix of different styles… Than decide on the colors.

When it comes to furnitures and decor elements… You may probably like to start with the wallpaper and the rug first.. Decorative materials such as wallpapers, rugs, blankets & draperies are great style dominator for the interiors and you can really do a lot with them.  Or think of great illustrations, artwork or toys which can help you out big time determining the color and sometimes style of the room. When it comes to patterns, you can mix geometrical patterns with stripes, polka dots and flowers or you can just use plain colors, it is really up to you! Try mix of different furnitures they really do not have to coordinate with each other, their colors and finishes really do not have to match… You can also mix different styles of furnitures such as using a french country sofa, a chinese chest and a metal closet…

One think to remember; babies are interested in bright and contrast colors. They really do love and react towards contrast colors like black and white, orange and purple, green and red… Not as a general thought soft colors are for babies. Probably it can be good for you while you are breast feeding you may like to calm yourself down with the pastels but softies are not interesting for babies as you think… The professionals advice it is good for baby’s brain to see bright colors and discover different materials by touching them. Just be careful with the dyestuff which are used on your furniture, fabrics and other materials you will be using in the nursery room. Other than that, here we go you have all your opportunity to make a brand new world for your baby when she/he arrives. By the time they grow up and become a kid, please respect their style preferences, cause their world is in fact much colorful and creative than most of us. Let them be the person they wanna be and reflect the style they wanna have. I am sure they will have all the confidence to choose their own style and this will led them to enjoy design all their lives. To let your sweethearts enjoy freedom of their own choices  is probably the best suggestion I can give you beside a nursery room decoration. So they can be happy, you can be happy and your home will be happy. Afterall, this is the ultimate destination we all want to arrive, don’ t you think?

stylish kids room decor

baby nursery design

baby nursery

baby style room

kids room design ideas kids room decoration

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)

collages by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)

images via pinterest


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