To decorate home with modern style of black and white’ s high contrast


As clean and sleek modern Nordic style becomes more and more popular, so monochromatic black & white interiors create more interest all over the world of interiors. Eventhough, black & white is kind of a symbol of perfectionism, to mix these high contrast couple with/on soft materials such as wood, rusted metal and to place next to  shades of grey works out perfectly to achieve a warm and relaxed style for a home. This way _ as we see in many inspirational interior photos_ monochromatic palette never gets boring but rather exciting.

The good news about the monochromatic theme; it is also way too practical and easy to make a nice decor with it since we really not to worry about  matching colors. But, I shall remind you to use the right variety of materials to get the desired effect becomes an important issue which you need to consider while making a decor. Here are some exciting home interior and detail photos which  uses black and white to get bold and beautiful effect for creating a lovely home.

Hecker Guthrie' s home

Black artwork against white wall creates a bold artistic art gallery look. The black & white carpet on the black wood floor carries this style into an elegant home setting.


To use patterns in black and white creates an exciting optical effect which grasps attention easily.


Forms look even more fantastic and dramatic in black & white. Especially, stripes add a modern effect on design elements.


Black & white in design world is always sporty, timeless, modern, stylish, elegant and in trend


A 100% bamboo Muna Home Carpet which was designed in black & white geometrical forms

black and white apartment

This little room styled with  soft grey sheepskin on black ceramic floor and white comfortable hammock decorated with black & white pillows is a good example of  welcoming monochromatic homy and cozy style . What do you think? Do you want to go and try modern style of black & white’s high contrast look for your home?

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)

images via my scandinavian home, the design chaser, decor8,  the norskeinteriorblogger, the interiors originals, the wookmark,  designergolv, pinterest


7 thoughts on “To decorate home with modern style of black and white’ s high contrast

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  3. Beautiful post! It’s fun how when it comes to design, interior design especially, black and white becomes bold and daring. In other aspects of our life like in photography we sometimes think of it as being a bit boring. As the photos you posted show, black and white is anything but boring in design. I really love the rug you posted in the second picture. It’s a pretty basic and almost plain area with just the chairs and the picture, but the rug really helps to spruce it up a bit. Modern Rugs can really make a huge difference in the interior decorating area and black and white seem like good go-to colors. I also like them because while they can be bold, they are still pretty neutral colors that can match anything fairly easily.

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