Bedside rugs and kilims

Turkish overdye rug in the bedroomvia the home magazine

There is no doubt bedrooms are the most private spaces at our homes. It is the room where we start and end up our day. We close and open our eyes there; the colors and textures are the first things we see around us. It is the place where we take off our sleepers, shoes, clothes. Considering all  touching and feeling going on this sensual part of the home it is really important to think how to decorate it nicely since it will effect our mood and energy for the day.

Firstly, keep in my mind to make it most comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable for your own good. Try not to cluster with too many objects and furnitures, stay simple for a good space and create  decorational  mood by  colors, patterns and layers of fabrics. Textile complementaries such as pillows, curtains, carpets, rugs and kilims are the most helpful elements to complete the design look you desire to achieve.  Especially, the rugs and kilims you place next to your bed are probably one of the most dominating element for your bedroom decor. You can infact go as creative as you want on the floor. You may use brightest colors or the most subtle natural materials. The geometrical forms of local kilims or floral patterns of luxurious antique rugs or just a plain color modern soft rug, no matter what they are they would all help you to nicely complete the look of your bedroom with their characteristic appeal.  Just decide which of them is more close to you and reflect your own decorational style. But, keep in mind when you step out of your bed this beaytful materials will be the first thing you will feel under your foot..

Lets view some nice bedroom photos with great rugs and kilims ideas next to bed and see how they are so much helpful to create the look you would like to make for your private interior…

persian kilimvia Slim Paley

This black and white stripe persian kilim adds a modern touch to a romantic bedroom

patchwork kilimvia wabi-sabi style blogspot

An ethnic Turkish kilim in earth colors would coordinate nicely with wood furniture and states the eclectic look you desire

overdye carpet

via beautiful things make me happy

Weathered, faded color overdye rugs look gorgeous in modern rooms

knitted carpetvia blog milk

Plain Knitted rugs are the great modern solutions for simply beautiful rooms, they add nice modern textures rooms

bedside moroccan carpetvia lolalina

The tribal, Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs looks charming almost in every room and they coordinate nicely with all decorational style.

bedside kilimvia media cache

Even a small kilim next to a bed could make a huge statement just like the one on the above picture

bedside colorful kilimvia ruemag

The bright multi-colored kilims pop up to the eye and uplift the energy of a simply white and grey decorated modern room like this one

bedside carpet3via at home in love

An antique Turkish rug in dark pink and navy colors looks sophisticated on a dark wood floor and creates a nice contrast like the one in this sympathetic young room

bedside carpet1via flickr

A small runner on the size of a bed is a great idea for small but stylish bedrooms

bedroom carpetingvia the woman I’d want to be

This faded blue and beige floral patterned Persian rug next to a chic velvet bed with coordinated colors turns the bedroom into a luxurious space

sheepskin in the bedroomvia kidnapkos

Supersoft sheepskin rug on the concrete floor in this industrial concept room shows how soft and hard surfaces could make a great unexpected combination together

sheepskin carpet next to bedvia danielle witte

There is really nothing more appealing than touching to a soft plush sheepskin rug in a cold winter day

sheepskinvia I love pretty things

Even a small overdye sheepskin rug like this one adds a sweet warm style into a young spirited modern bedroom.

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)


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