Rugs and kilims are the master elements of Bohemian style decoration

bohemian modern

It is true when we think about the Bohemian style interiors, the first elements come into mind are fabrics, textiles, trims, rugs, kilims and carpets. Lots of deep and vibrant colors, textures, floral and ethnic patterns welcomes the free-spirit who constantly discovers over the boundaries living style. The Bohemianism is inspired by the Gypsy’ s social unconventionality. Therefore, Bohemian style people are true wanderers, adventurers and vagabonds. They love traveling, exploring and collecting items from the places they visited to. Artworks, lots of books, objects made by craft people, local handmade textiles and kilims are the  indispensable elements of Bohemian style interior. Creativity and sensitivity are the messenger of this unique and warm-hearted life philosophy. Boho living is more like a state of mind rather than a fashion trend. Although, in many design collections we come across by the fashion trends who are so much inspired by the Bohemian style.

fabrics and interiors

Since there are many items and vibrant colors taking a place in Bohemian interiors, there is a risk of killing the space with overcrowded and cluttered look. As a rule of good design to stay in balance is very important. For instance, what we call as Modern boho style creates a harmony using white grounds and plain, simple objects next to busy patterns and vibrant colors. This method easily helps space to take a breath and give an immediate contemporary look…

bohemian interiors

Vibrant bold rich colors such as reds, purple, hot pink, indigo adds interest to the room and uplifts the mood. On the other hand, earthy colors like  brown and golden colors takes an important role in Bohemian style. Organic dyed traditional kilims are integral parts of Bohemian style rooms.

bohemian style living

Since Bohemian style has free spirit, it enjoys to live in exterior atmospheres and to use the outdoor spaces as an extension of  homes. Just as in nomadic style living this time  kilims, fabrics and comfortable pillows are carried outside. While taking a fresh air it is an exquisite feeling  to see all these wonderful texture and materials next to nature.

bohemian style collage

bohemian decor

pink bohemian

bohemian style decor

One of the most exciting part of  the romantic and intimate Bohemian style that it always encourages change and transitions. Since, so much accessories and fabrics take a place in interior, it is so easy to make changes and give a total different look in living spaces. If you want to create your own style at home this weekend, you may try your own possibilities  for example just by  moving the kilim from the floor and placing on to your favorite sofa or taking out to your backyard and decorating it by tens of candles around it… Or something else, whatever you do  just be creative and try to cross your own boundaries. Play with the gypsy in you and have fun:)

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)

images via pinterest


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