Decorating your home using pastel colors

pastel color interiors

This year, to use pastel colors are not only very popular but also very trendy both for interior and fashion world.

Therefore, recently we often come across photos  of great interior spaces, styling photos colored by wonderful soft shades of   milky and sorbet colors. They are truly inspiring and gives perfect tips for creating happy spaces…

I guess no one can reject that soft colors creates a positive and soothing mood on mind by its fresh and clean look. They lack of strong chromatic content. They bring peace and good mood to any space they enter in. Plus the other color shades look even stronger if an extra attention is required to take place on to objects or accessories…

pastel color decoration style

Especially, recently furnitures and objects designed from Scandinavia enjoys to use these light, washed out pastel tones of colors on their new collections. They really look gorgeous next to white and grey colors. Soft light-colored kilims and rugs bring an outstanding soft exclamation to any space they are used in.

peaceful pastel colors

Desaturated tones of pastel colors look great and even more sophisticated on tarnished surfaces and finishes. To use light, washed out tones on ethnic style modernize the general look and enlarge the spaces  they are used in.

living in pastel colors

If you want to bring light and a fresh design appeal, try to smoothen your home using light natural tones highlighted by candy and minty tones. Try on your walls, floors, furnitures, textiles or objects. You will see its immediate positive effect on your senses. It worths to try….

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)

images via pinterest


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