True Luxurious style of Ngorongoro crater Lodge


Ngorongoro Lodge is wildly beautiful and looks like not belong to this world by its unique architectural style and the way it has designed. Not only the dwelling is glamorous but also its place in Ngorongoro Crater is spectacular by its wide view and wild nature homing 25,000 wild animals. Ngorongoro in Tanzania is referred at the 8th world wonder of the world. In this unique place mankind and wildlife lives in perfect harmony. The visitors get opportunity to be part of the wild nature in the meantime enjoying a luxuries safari facilities of the lodge.


Large glass windows offer best possible views of wild African landscape to lodge’ s guests and be part of it at all times while they are not out on the bush.


The unusual architecture of the lodge has been done in vernacular style by its African mud plaster walls, banana leaf  ceilings and cooling makhuti palm roofs. Rustic turrets are typical West African Mali design.


The materials used in architecture, interior design elements they all part of nature. All the rooms of the lodge has been carefully positioned to full splendor of the volcanic cavity and the wild African landscape and the cloudy sky.

Ngorongoro-Crater-Lodge 4


I couldn’ t imagine any other style of architecture  could blend so nicely with its environment. Stepping out of the room and seeing wild animals of Africa walking around the lodge is absolute indefinable pleasure of being part of Safari…


Looking at these pictures makes me think what could be more luxurious and heavenly than being part of the nature?


Enjoying sunset on the veranda looking at the uninterrupted view in private atmosphere and eating on elegant style table set up offers the finest pleasure on earth.


Warm spicy African colors, big leather chairs, large oriental carpets on wooden floors , huge fireplaces, warm lighting, rustic furnitures, gold finishes are all part of the African colonial style which had been used designing the interior.


Probably the most romantic luxurious spot of the lodge is this bathroom…


High domed ceilings, huge chandeliers, warm wooden elements and colonial style mix elegantly with African texture in different parts of the lodge as seen in this store.


Domed dining area with large fireplace looks quite unusual. Relaxing resting areas all around the lodge combine comfort and style.

luxurious oriental carpet

Seating areas designed for relaxing and reading welcome guests by large sofas, comfy cushions upholstered in variety of velvet fabrics. The sheer purple curtains and the huge oriental carpet in the middle add a classic glamour to the space provides even more cozy feeling to the space.

ngorongoro Crater Lodges luxurious style

ngorongoro Crater Lodges luxurious style1

What do you think would you like to enjoy your Safari in this hidden heaven? I would…

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)

images via &beyond


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