Get the coastal living style cause the sky and the ocean is your only limit

coastal living style

As seasons change, we finally get close to smell the salty taste of the blue waters. It is no longer far from us  to dream about the summer and living a low-key life style far from the city. Don’ t you agree it is most fun and relaxing just wearing comfortable outfits, walking on the beach with naked feed, cooling in the fresh water, looking at the endless horizon of the sea and probably searching for the best shells to decorate home.  There is absolutely a  unique lifestyle which correlates with this tranquil state of mind. And that is coastal living style. In visual sense, the nautical blues, fresh turquoise and mint shades, tropical greens, warm sandy beige, cool grey stone tones are the essential color scheme for the coastal inspired setting. All these soothing colors creates a relaxed, calming retreat that incorporates color of the sea and nature around it.

Now, lets view together wonderful images which promises a happy comfort feeling. The patterns, textures, materials and objects which welcomes the beach season ahead. If you are lucky enough to have a beach house that is wonderful and even easier to get this simple and chic mood. But if not; thats ok as well why not to include the elements to our interiors and create the spirit?

patterns inspired by the coastal living style

Mediterranea is the region to get the best sophisticated coastal inspiration from countries like Greece and Turkey by its wonderful blue geometrical patterns from the history.  Using  them on plain surfaces and to layer them by wallpapers, fabrics and carpets would definitely make the magic to have the nautical touch.

coastal inspired carpet, rugs and objects

Stripes, chevron and floral patterns on decorational elements work perfectly to get the sporty chic style

white casual style and sophisticated patterns

The kilim and çini patterns even look more gorgeous on the white timber and natural textures. The white surrounding makes the accessories with wonderful patterns simply stand out.

blue casual shabby chic coastal style

Casual shabby chic style when incorporated with the blue geometrical patterns calms the mind and the soul by its cool feeling

white and blue accessories

Blue ceramics, navy and white patternful pillows they all evokes the vision of the sea and the sky.

coastal style elements

Blue hints, handwoven fabrics, weathered surfaces, distressed accessories, natural textures are all we need to see around  to get the feeling right

blue and white relaxed coastal style bedroom

Just imagine to wake up in this white bedroom hearing the sound of the shells touched by the warm breeze from the beach as a messanger of the sea.

Tropical style decoration

Tropical spirit make woven accessories the perfect addition to laid back beachy vibe. Combing this look with the coastal style have power to create the most magical summer style at home. Choosing the right patterns, doing some artistic styling with the objects, green vegetation, placing them in to the right spots and mixing them with some eclectic materials help you to create one of a kind spiritual home. So, I would say when the time is right let your imagination fly when the sky and the ocean is your limit.

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)

images via pinterest various sources


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