A great combination of Traditional Anatolian kilims and Scandinavian Style



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It is nobody’ s surprise that Kilim rugs are becoming a huge trend to decorate modern-contemporary interiors. Especially, Scandinavian style which is a symbol of modernism and functionalism has welcomed this great look into interiors to spice up and to balance the hard edges of minimalism. Kilims brought a fun and sophisticated eclectic look by its international flare.  It is so popular these days we see almost in each light washed minimal interior setup decorated by great kilims having bright colors and cheerful patterns. They bring instant color, warmth, texture and personality to the spaces they decorate to. They especially look gorgeous when they are placed next to Scandinavian style furnitures and decorative elements. Here to give you a hint about the look I combined  some lovely kilims with modern popular Nordic brands products and mid-century inspired pieces. As you may see easily, Kilim is such a magical decorative element that they immediately fit into different style of interiors. But, since I believe balance is the keyword for successful decorative style they look even greater in modern spaces. They have so much personality that they are real eye-catchers by their bold geometrical designs and vivid colors.

While it is a perfect time to share with you, let me give you a little background and exciting stories about the kilims. They are the best known type of flat weave and indispensable component of social life in Turkey. When Anatolian kilims are compared to the other countries  they show major differences because of wide ranges of patterns and styles. Cause, Anatolia basically had been a pathway to many cultures through the centuries. Designs are loaded with profound aesthetic values and characteristic symbolic meanings. Patterns are transferred from generations to generations by women who memorize the motifs and weave kilims without using any drawing reference. It is true the women who spend their most of the day in front of their looms put their heart and soul into what they do. They are far from today’s mass-produced products. That is probably one of the most attractive part of having a traditional hand-made kilim is knowing that they once were produced by local people who really cared about it.  The motifs used on kilims they generally symbolize concepts pertaining to life, birth, death, marriages, motherhood, fertility and abundance.  It is true that Anatolian woman have special talent in creating symbols.  They usually express their expectations through symbols because of traditions. Especially protective symbols have special place in Anatolian kilims. They are believed that they have power to protect family members, children, houses, marriages, grain and animals. Probably most of the users in modern life they are not aware that they bring good luck! So they not only have power to decorate the house with its stunning style but it is true that they bring good luck! Here is another good reason having one of these magical kilims:)

Recently, Muna Home have gathered a great collection of  local vintage Anatolian kilims collected from the hope chest’ s of women in Anatolia. Each of them are unique and made by Göz Nuru _  meaning heavenly light of eye. And here is the news they are being sold at diseno  in Istanbul which is a design store selling wide range of contemporary Scandinavian furnitures, lighting and decorative goods. The combination of vintage Anatolian kilims and Scandinavian style look outstanding and tempting. If you get a chance I would suggest to stop by and see how gorgeous they look.  It is always exciting to  see the oldest and longest held design traditions in the world next to modern age products. Nevertheless, respect to traditions and enjoy today’ s design comfort and create your unique style…

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)


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