Time to go out and throw your kilim to live with nature


Is there anybody out there who did not miss the sunny days and living outdoors yet? I don’ t think so. Nature is calling us out these early days of spring and be with it. It is nice to travel go to different places, do some adventure in the nature. But lets accept there is nothing more  comforting and relaxing than resting and enjoying the season on your own private nest which is your home. You may not know how and where to start to create an outdoor door as an extension of your interior. But here is a great tip for you! Start with your rug and kilims. Throw it on to your favorite spot right outside of your home and then place your most comfortable sitting furnitures, pillows and decorative objects and plants around it. I can guarantee you it is one of the most fun decoration activity that you could do. You can go as creative as you want. You can use great bold colors, fantastic patterns, combine natural elements with your most favorite furnitures and fabrics. Enjoying the bright colors of flowers during the day time and calming your soul by the soft candle lights and breathing the fresh air at the same time on your corner by yourself or friends does not have to be a dream. If you are ready to go out, I say now it is perfect time. Hopefully, these wonderful photos which I will share with you today will motivate you to decorate your outdoor home and most importantly will fill you with happiness…









outdoor 1



written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)

images via pinterest


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