A wabi sabi style simply comfortable summer house in İbiza


We are about to sense the summer heat even in early spring by wonderful sunshine. While getting ready for a bright season ahead here is a great gallery of  a  beautiful summer-house  in Ibiza, Spain which are photographed by Menossi. I m sure it will also put you in the   mood desiring  a lazy comfort. The organic and the minimalist mix of  simple elegance of the interior has truly a contemporary glamour. The eclectic African fabrics and artworks on white walls look even more amazing by the cool backdrop of the house which  is very minimalist by polished  concrete on floor surfaces. The tropical elements such as wood decorative materials, rugs, pillows and fabrics provides a rich tactile quality into the interior. The high ceilings, open expansive spaces and large windows welcome daylight in great amount and connects indoor and outdoor space. This house makes the most of a minimalist cozy tropical setting for a lazy comfort just using the most functional elements and decorating by natural materials only. It is tempting don’ t you think so?


The concrete stairs has a sculptural quality by its layered steps and huge African tropcial style vases next to it


The outside of the house is as comfortable as the inside of the house. Large pillows everywhere provides a friendly atmosphere for guests in this summer-house.


The indoor pool in the bedroom is truly a great idea. Large artwork on the wall and fabrics add bright accent color to cool interior.


This livingroom tells a lot about the living style of the house and the residents. It must be a perfect party place suiting perfectly to Ibizan local living style.



The wooden dining table on the natural jute rug and the white Panton chairs around is a true Wabi Sabi style simple and loving.The tree branches leaning against to the curved white wall carries the natural elements with effortless styling.


Weather to concentrate and study or to relax or to party this house is absolutely a charming summer getaway which many of us dream of.


Wishing you a great comfy and creative summer ahead !

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)

images via decoholic.org


10 thoughts on “A wabi sabi style simply comfortable summer house in İbiza

  1. A fantastic summer-house which blends different styles successfully, fulfilling its purpose. A location where you can retreat and forget for a while the busy modern lifestyle! Thank you, delicious post. 🙂

  2. I’m not sure which I liked best between the outdoor room or the bedroom with a pool but this is a great post. It has given me some ideas on how I would like to go with the summer home.

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