The Apartment in Copenhagen created for Art and Design

A stylish Copenhagen Apartment project

This apartment is not anything like as we usually know. It is a showroom created by design objects, art pieces, wonderful carpets, antique pieces, mix of iconic furniture and handpicked vintage decoration items in a home set up. Even just to look at the photos uplifts the mood and brings the happiness. I wonder what would it be like to actually live in this space? But, unfortunately it is not for living but rather a place  for showcasing the art and decorational pieces of the apartment project.

A stylish Copenhagen Apartment project

The 200square-meter apartment from 18th century located in the heart of Copenhagen offers a great space for the exhibition purposes of the apartment shop project. Tina Seidenfaden Busck and Pernille Hornhover restores the space and rotates exhibition of selling items since 2010 as part of their professional services. The brainchild of the project explain  they wanted to expose an alternative vision of modern home that could inspire and surprise. The bold colors and strong of light in all rooms, mix of old and new materials reflect this friendly and playful style. Especially, the Moroccan tribal rugs and antique textiles one after another  confirms the contemporary eclectic style and adds a cozy homey feeling by blending with all the other decorational elements.

artistic colors

Scandi eclectic style interior

Even though, most of the furniture selected are originally Scandinavian since the partners travel around the world they also give place to international designers that haven’ t made to the Northern European market yet.

Colorful and fun Copehagen apartment

Great carpets of The apartment project in Copehagen

Fantastic design style of The apartment project in Copehagen

The most exciting part of these interiors are not matching anything one by one but ending up by aesthetic harmony in overall.

modern and vintage Scandinavian mix furniture of the Apartment project

colorful interiors

This inspiring apartment is full of great ideas and positive energy by its dynamic creative style. It definitely encourages for most fun and tasteful home shopping while  giving great tips for contemporary living style. I can’t imagine any better idea to exhibit these wonderful furnitures, arts and rugs in a place like this. They all look even more wonderful when they come next to another. Big applauses to the most admiring creative skills behind this apartment project which is created for Art & Design.

written by Tijen Samuray (designmixer)

images via the apartment


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