Hakan Ezer’ s magnificent home office in Istanbul

hakan ezer style

Today, we are visiting a very special 4 floor home office of interior design and decoration master of  Hakan Ezer in Istanbul.  This house is a real showcase of  a designer who has a unique taste of antiques and objects which he sources and collects from all over the world. While rich Turkish history & culture taking a strong place on his interior style, he elegantly mixes all the beautiful objects and elements from different parts of the world.  On his gorgeous home, the french style classic furniture radiates glamour standing next to an exotic oriental ornament. The Turkish kilims looks outstanding on a modern but weathered leather coach. It is also possible to see elegant details of  Barcelona art nouveau in the decoration style of this  old creative and sophisticated Istanbul House. This lists goes on and on. He basically creates some sort of artistic harmony combining contemporary and ornate antiques in his luxurious home.

One of Ezer’ s main specialty is designing the architectural details and interior decoration in harmony. While  there is a dark appeal on the color scheme of his overall decoration style of the rooms, he takes a great amount of day light by the large windows and washes the interior by natural light.    The warm touch of wood on the walls and floors frames all the materials used in style. There is art, pattern, design in every other corner which stands next to each other yet acts as if its extension of another. As all on his projects he acts brave while combining antique and modern pieces in his own space.  His organic and tactile style creates a great unity in between all the different objects he is exhibiting.

turkish designer hakan ezer' s home

hakan ezer design

eclectic style home in Istanbul

Hakan ezer decoration

Hakan Ezer

Istanbul home

Turkish Interior designer Hakan Ezer

Hakan Ezer' s antiques

Hakan Ezer gives a deep breath to each interior he designs by his collectables, designed unique pieces and antiques. The contrast between tradition and 20th century modernity adds interest to his Istanbul house and displays wonderful design elements of his magical talent. Finally, this house really must be one of the most beautiful home in the world.

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)

images via stroyprosto.com.ua


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