An artistic fusion style home decorated by eclectic vision of Nina Yashar

Fashion style apartment

Today, we will visit gallery owner Nina Yashar’ s outstanding styled home which is located in Milan by the images we found from design style blog called Afflante. Nina Yashar is the founder of one of the most original and eclectic consider gallery in Italy called Nilufer (meaning lotus flower in persian). Her gallery is known today as one of Italy’s most active galleries in the fields of historical design and antique Oriental carpets and furniture.

Yashar’ s family is originally from Iran and she explains first she started to sell antique carpets from Iran and abroad and thats when her relationship with the antiques started.  Than she got into Scandinavian style and started selling furniture. Looking at her gorgeous apartment in Milan, it is  really not hard to figure out her extravaganza style and incredible talent of building a tasteful fusion using modern and vintage furnitures, unique objects, fantastic carpets and art pieces. The apartment is one of a kind by it’s every single detail and reflects the artistic personality of its Iranian-Italian owner Nina Yashar.

All surfaces of the high ceiling apartment was used as if it is a piece of art. Creativity rules this exceptional apartment where colors, materials, finishes, textures and patterns get mixed by freedom of style.









written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)

images via afflante


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