An unusual design Hotel built on theme of design, Hotel Droog

roomservice cafe and tearoom by droogdroog hotel roomservice cafe and tea room

Here is another very interesting design Hotel called droog is located at the historical center of Amsterdam. This unusual hotel concept is not build on sleep but rather to live by design respecting creativity and contemporary living style. The fantastic interior concept is minimal, comfortable, colorful and very social.

The above elegant and airy serviceroom with modern geometrical carpets on the floor, looking to the fairy tale garden was commissioned  by  droog to Dutch artist Berend Strik for a reinterpretation of Rembrandt’s famous De Staalmeesters, in honour of the building’s history as home of the textile guild.

products & experiences at weltevree products & experiences at weltevree

In Hotel droog, there are variety of activities under one roof.  The hotel exhibits some products which have similar contecxt with droog. And Weltevree is one of them. Weltevree a Dutch product label that develops and produces authentic products with a focus on outdoor living. And in the above room of  droog’ s featuring products which are distinctive and original welcoming a pleasurable outdoor living style.

droog hotel room design sleep at the one and only bedroom

One and only room has all the utilities which a guest may request. This room is purposed to transfer a sense of  homey feeling rather than an on the road mood. Afterall simplicity, comfort and joy are all  becoming increasingly important issues  for today’ s modern living style. This simple and playful room  injects a positive mood a modern traveler may need.

exhibitions at gallery exhibitions at gallery

Hotel droog’ s one of the most creative area is its gallery.  160 square metre space features the latest in design, art, and fashion and previews upcoming developments in the creative industry. The Gallery aims to create a dialogue between design and society by hosting workshops and discussions.

design at droog store design at droog store

The Droog Store contains products which transfers the same feeling of  hotel concept. It is an open atmosphere sells the ‘Friends of Droog’ curated collection, products from other labels that match the Droog aesthetic.

Hotel droog fairy tale garden in Amsterdam escape at fairy tale garden

150 square meters of open inner-courtyard is an extension of Droog’s store and is open to visitors. The designers creates a mixture of  all the artificial elements become functional—attracting, feeding, watering, and providing respite for the birds, butterflies, insects, flowers, edible plants and humans alike, all the while creating an atmosphere of a fairy tale in this fantastic garden.

Hotel droog which was built on creativity, design and  natural simple living is definitely an interesting option for people who looks for inspiration for contemporary design and discovery while traveling. Here is the link to Hotel’ s website for people who would like to get further information about the Hotel:

images via hotel droog

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)


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