Comfort and originality of design uplifts the sensations in charming Areias do Seixo Hotel

spa and carpet Spa

Muna Home’ s today pick for great interiors is a wonderful Spa Hotel in Portuguese called Areis do Seixo, a 35 min. drive from Lisbon. We are amazed by the outstanding attention paid into every single detail of the Hotel.  It is clear the  interior design of the sanctuary purposes not only to comfort the guests but also dazzle their eyes to show how far a design hotel can go beyond the borders. The original style of the hotel combines all exciting elements of contrast in its interior within a great harmony. Sumptuous stands out on comforting simple neutral materials, vibrant and & soothing colors completes each other providing a full design sensibility. Brightly patterned soft furnishings like rugs & cushions brightens up the space and induces a profound sense of well-being. Even it the SPA spaces which is quite unusual…

Moroccan style Spa and charming hotelMoroccan style hallway to Spa and giant iron lamp just behind of the gate prove the space is surprisingly beautiful and extraordinary

A charming bathroom design in Areias do Seixo Hotel and bathrooms Terra Room

The special private bathroom of Terra Room designed by the natural elements and neutral colors announces the most sensual exclamation point like no other. The water, metal, wood and stone combinations used in interior are so welcoming for soul refreshment. Imagine how perfect the space would turn to be by the warm light of many candles. A perfect harmony of being….

Natural mataerials and rug Areias do Seixo Charm HotelTerra Room

A high amount of natural materials are used in all rooms and in every detail to experience the fancy well-being

Guest room of of Areias do Seixo Charm Hotel Terra Room

The rooms are far beyond being ordinary hotel interior, they are more like a home using details like fireplace, flowers and other many exciting elements

Sustainable design Terra Room

Much of the furniture is made by a repurposed timber. The natural silk, cotton and linen fabrics warm up the space while adding great texture

Charming natural style bathroom Ainda Room

Can you hear the sound of the water?

beautiful natural colors and materials Jasmim Room

The combination of Moroccan, French, rustic and modern details create uplifting eclectic energy in a contemporary set up

charming spa design hotel room

Just picture yourself  to wake in a room like this. Who wouldnt’ t enjoy the luxurious refreshing feeling being part of an interior  like this one?

Beauty of fire and wood Nha Cretcheu Room

Here is another room named Nha Cretcheu reflecting another mood. The beauty of fire and the wood, dynamic mixture of natural patterns gets alltogether here

eclectic design and decoration elements Sem Hora Marcada Room

Collection of  eclectic style in every other room is extremely  exciting by the Nomadic style carried in.  Sem Hora Marcada Room hides uncommon ethnic patterns and textures in its space

nomadic interior design style  Sem Hora Marcada Room

Don’ t you agree every interior should have individual pieces ? This multi bright-colored corner of Sem Hora Marcada Room is injecting a sense of humour  and carnival like energy. Truly a beautiful set up…

silk embroidery pillows Ainda Room

The variety of fabrics and different color pallettes used in each  guest room make every other room significant. The mirrors on the wall of Ainda room add another  interest level of beauty by its glass  pattern and reflection of nature…

ethnic bedroom design and fabrics

The different style of beds in each and every other room create a unique mood and give a personality to its space. The wood carved bed and the fabric sets styling on it is truly welcoming and outstanding…

colorful fabrics and exciting tactile

I really can not imagine any of Hotel Areias de Seixo’ s guests would return back their home without being inspired by its fantastic design and desire to recreate their interiors to extend the pleasurable sense that they have experienced in this hideaway. After all, travel helps to get inspire and design hotels are the most wonderful source for it.

images via Areias do Seixo  

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)


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