Set off blend of styles to create the magic

room with a style

Setting off contemporary furniture with a mix of antiques, art pieces, mid- century, modern or classic pieces, crystal chandeliers, great objects, hand-knotted rugs, vintage kilims and faux-skin rugs has potential of creating fascinating rooms. The bolder contrast created by a great sense of style, the richer and more provoking the space becomes.  Combinations of  metallic finishes, glass materials, rough textures, silky fabrics, bright tones, deep shades, appealing geometrical designs, aged and weathered surfaces, artistic forms they all add drama to the picture they are included in. The aesthetic energy vibrates in a perfect harmony. It is true the styling is all about the balance created in between the forms and clever surprises. Placing the right object, art and materials in the right color and shape into the right place creates the magic. And  we are all after the magic not into a steady and boring clichés…

Artistic livingroom Via Elle Decor

modern and classic blend interior style Via Contemporist

blend of art antiques and classic style Via Loveisspeed

eclectic style room Via Niceroom

fascinating interior style combinations Via Elle Decor

contemporary style home Via Dust Jacket

Nomadic style dining room Via Ethnic Design

355151120584159469_yQ9uuw52_c Via Azmyarch

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)


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