Relaxing and magical Anatolian decorational style of Nisanyan Hotel in Sirince, Turkey

ilyastepe1İlyastepe Cottage

If you are a well-traveled person, you most probably have eclectic style based on your own travel experiences. Your house has  objects, kilims, fabrics and furnitures from different parts of the world collected within time. Eventhough, there is a limitation to ship or carry the stuff around, one can be find solutions for that as well. But whatever you bring,  it is not always possible to carry the whole great sense of being in a place… I think, the best way is to upload the memories and discoveries as much as possible to be able to remember it for the lifetime. To imprint the local  culture onto  memory;  blending yourself within the local style and be part of the texture by all means to extend the experience of immediate style. How is it that possible? Well, dressing up like local, sleeping in a local style bed, taking a bath breathing the aroma of local flowers, stepping on to local rugs woven by villagers, touching natural fibers grown on the field, seeing colors by the vision of local light, eating what the local people cooks, chatting with the locals… To cut a long list short, to give up from your daily style and extend your limits according to whats going on around you creates an unforgettable experience which could last  for your lifetime, than it really makes sense to make that travel. Than I would call this person a well-traveled man instead of a common tourist.

Think about it,  what could be more enjoyable? You may even find what is best in you and could figure out what kind of living culture you perfectly  fit into. It does not mean always if you are born in a culture you can not choose any other culture or living style according to your own personality… To be flexible, to be creative, to be open… Yes those are the rules of  being a good traveler…

I also believe  to become one with the place and get the real sense in you where you accommodate  has out most importance. I know a hotel complex in Turkey which reflects all the local senses of Anatolian living style. It is called Nişanyan House Hotel located in a small village of Şirince close to Ephesus, İzmir called. The story of the Hotel begins when the owners who wrote the Best Small Hotels of Turkey bought some historical village houses and cottages. They create a sort of unusual resort  which translates the local senses to their guests by its simple but sophisticated detail oriented style. Some people even consider this place has some magical power helping for spiritual awakening. Obviously, the  quite surrounding  and its rustic casual style help their guests to feel this way.

nisanyan hotel bedroomThe inn

Here, I will share with you some of the inside and outside space photos of the hotel which I found from their website. The casual and spontaneous decoration in every other corner expresses the sense of visiting a local Anatolian House. The large historical carpets, rugs, variety of patterns, weathered wooden floors, heavy doors, rusted metal accessories, antique door knobs, wood beams, high ceilings, large rooms, all sorts of rustic details shapesliving form of these great cottages, local houses resides on the slopes of Şirince.

Nisanyan hotelTower House

To experience a real local Turkish lifestyle in a comfort zone seems like really possible here in the Nişanyan House Hotels.

disjpgOutside view from the Tower House

To wake up  and hearing the sound of village roosters, to open  eyes in local day light, observing the absolute natural beauty around is a privilege

kerevetlievKerevetli House

To climb a slope to reach your local village house is ethereal

bagevleri2The Cottages

To walk into a historical house passing through a _God knows how many years old?_  gate and hearing its rusted sound is soulful

bagevleri8The Cottages

The odd imperfection of the materials used raises the quality of unique  interior style

koskler5The Inn

While the rooms makes you feel as local some hidden luxurious utilities reminds that you are a guest who needs to be comforted in the best possible way

bagevleri6jpg The Cottages

This tranquil simple styled Turkish Hammam is perfect sample of modest wabi sabi living philosophy…

koskler3The Inn

bagevleri10Cottage House

bagevleri1Cottage House

Warmly textured walls  frame the subtle and easy decoration style

bagevleri7jpg The Cottages

The sublime view of nature enhances all the six senses

ilyastepe2 İlyastepe

koskler4 The Inn

4.1.1Turkish Bath House

Each house is distinctively different by its own style. But common points are they all have vintage furniture, natural architectural materials and decorated by gorgeous local rugs…

koskler6The Inn

kulelikonak1Tower House

kulelikonak4Tower House

kulelikonak3Tower House

kulelikonak2 Tower House

bagevleri3The Cottages

bagevleri5 The Cottages

koskler2The Inn

koskler1jpgThe Inn

So looking at all these great pictures, do you feel your soul instantly transform into some other place? Just imagine to be there at this very moment, wearing a sheer linen dress and stepping naked-feet onto raw floor or onto antique old yarn  hand-knotted carpet. How would you feel? What would hear? What would you smell?  How your senses would be developed within that ethereal stillness?

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)

images via Nişanyan House Hotel

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