Creative decor ideas for winter homes using sheepskin

winter home ideas using sheepskin

A cold freezing winter is up in the corner. For some of us it has even arrived by the early snow storms. While trying to preserve our selves from the though weather conditions, we instinctly feel an urge to create our warm nests during the season. The sheepskins are the best way to give that feeling both visually and sensually by their soft surface and rich texture for decorating our sensational homes.  We can use them almost at any nook of our rooms in different ways by lining the chairs, covering the beds, placing onto the floors or just using them as throws at any place easily as we like.

Here are some inspirational interior photos that I found from various sources.  In all these great rooms, there are great ideas to create a comfortable haven and luxurious getaway house for winter using this natural material.  You may really surprise yourself how creative your home can get by the help of  the warm and elegant accent of  the sheepskins and hides.

decorative ideas using sheepskin

Sheepskin looks great when it is layered with the chunky knitted blankets and pillows

elegant room

This pure white sheepskin on the hanging chair adds an extra elegance to the room

winter decor ideas using sheepskin

They look great on wirechairs


This metropolitan home is so welcoming and sensuous by the sheepskin throwed onto the chair

nordic style

Why not to use them in office spaces? The interior may turn from rigid modern style into an organic cottage style easily  by  applying this creative idea…

It is also a good and pleasurable reason to sit and concentrate on our working corner in winter time…

 to throw sheepskin onto the bed is a perfect way to bring the ski-resort look into the bedrooms

nordic style living

It is even more fun to use them on our outdoor spaces placing onto the wooden chairs.

living outdoor

Looking at this picture, I feel ready for the winter mood and dream of sipping a red hot wine and  relaxing by sitting on the soft chairs while enjoying the white snow…

sheepsikn on the hanging chair

sheepskin rug

What could be more refreshing than to define a new style for winter and surprise your friends and family by creating a remarkable welcoming and sensuous home decor for winter? If you think the same, time to scheme the dream now…

images via designsponge, carrabianlivingblog, metropolitanhome, pinterest

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)

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