Ways to create stylish contrast using kilims and rugs in modern spaces

kilims in the industrial spacevia elle decor

It is becoming more and more popular to create visually appealing rooms gathering interesting decorative materials and elements in modern industrial spaces with an unexpected way. For sure, knowing how to use  contrast colors, materials, patterns and textures is the key  to compose uplifting  artistic style which is required for the contemporary living style. No one can deny to turn the modern and minimal spaces into something else _even maybe into a cozy nest _ decorating skills and  knowledge are needed. Cause it is for sure designing a stylish decor is more than just placing items according to their needs . The form, color, material, size relationships  of  each item applied into the space  need to be considered…  Than it can only be pleasing for the eye and  desirable for living…

To create harmony by contrast could be challenging sometimes and may need courage. However, using minimal and soothing colors as backdrop helps in case an object or  decorative material with a rich texture and pattern would like to be utilized.  The subtle background helps the furniture, material or object to stand out in most exciting way. Since rugs and the kilims are the most flexible, playful and powerful items in decoration they are the main players of the  game..  This makes them also a part of the huge eclectic trend by their natural deep dyed, heavily patterned, authentic and playful look.  Therefore, placing rugs and kilims with few tribal pieces and objects in modern clean or industrial spaces can create the most stylish contrast!

layers of kilims in modern room settingvia designporten

To use overlapping kilims in layers creates extra geometry on the floor and enables an easy personal touch…

industrial style roomsvia lineklein

Even solid color kilims can be very catchy to the eye by their rugged and relax style as seen on the above Scandinavian style interior

minimalist and ethnicvia yellows

This top view of room  explains how rug gathers the decorative elements around it together

modern eclectic roomThe rugs are very practical to be used in multiple places by their thin no pile texture.  They can cover the pillows are can be thrown on to the sofas or even on the beds as decorative fabrics…

kilims on kilimsvia desire to inspire

To use variety of geometrical patterns in one space with multiple kilims creates an exciting modern effect for contemporary living spaces.

eclectic and modern stylevia desire to inspire

It is not matter if the rugs are small, their colorful patterns are so powerful that they can immediately change the feeling in the room and put their signature on…

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)


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