A contemporary room decor inspired by Muna Home’ s floral carpet design

Kabuki room board

Here is another creative board I ve gathered for you inspired by the Muna Home‘ s old yarn Arts & Knots collection along with the contemporary style room furnitures and accessories from Project Decor site.

Even though, it is pretty traditional to use floral patterns  in the carpet design, this specific  figure makes a  bold artistic  statement by its large size and style.  Nevertheless, the deep color contrast of white pattern on the dark background recalls a Japanese style which is pretty trendy this days.The structure of  scalloped style natural iron of the Vero Chair’ s shape cultivates a harmony by the rest and fits perfectly with the style of Jonathan Adler’ s round end table called Short Buenos Aires table.  The material contrast of soft natural linen pillow used on the iron chair creates sense of a similar contrast.  Choosing Jonathan Adler’s walnut bar  with brushed brass accents  helps to configure a cool mix for the room. Finally, The feminine soft and relax style of the carpet contributes with the modern lines of  the furnitures.

In this set up each and every other curve of forms of  all the elements create an exciting balanced visual effect across the room. However, using an oversized pattern  creates a  strong elegant look by its immediate touch. So, if you would like to add some pattern into your life, yet to stay modern maybe you should start from your carpet and include elements according to sensation you would like to create. Afterall surprises are the salt and pepper for elegant and fun styling..

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)


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