Creating a relaxing decor harmony using natural rugs and kilims

natural room style board

Prior  to decoration  of  a room; the wisest thing to do is to determine the kind of feeling  liked to be expressed in the space.  Lets say, comfortable, easy-going, calming, earthy style have the type of look you want to  have. In this case choosing natural materials, colors, raw, rough textures are the best sources of  elements to go with…

I found  San Giorgio Hotel in Mykonos as a good example giving full sense of  living in comfort . It is real fun to create mood boards being in inspired by this wonderful Greek hotel interiors. The options of  choosing simple and organic decorative stuff are almost endless. Using cotton throws, blankets, jute pillows, massive wood furniture, raw iron tables  and sisal rugs rock the space and ensure a harmonies style in the meantime into any space they include in…

interior style of san giorgio, mykonos

In real home like  decor of  San Giorgio Hotel,  raw textures, natural colors, finishes, handcrafted furniture and accessories all shine on the white background.

using natural materials in decoration

While looking at these pictures the first thing strike into the eye are the wonderful sisal rugs and kilims made out of natural dyed yarns. They elegantly dominate the design look of the rooms either they are used in or outdoor spaces.

creative spaces, natural materials

The mood of these rooms featuring the eclectic style are truly inspiring especially in this hot summer day. I would say it worths to try at your home or at your any living space if your are into this type of creative eclectic look…

decorating outdoor spaces

images via San Giorgio Hotel, collage by designmixer at project decor

Posted by Tijen Samuray (designmixer)


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